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我们大家都知道雅思口语有四项评分标准,其中lexical resource这一项中关于7分的陈述很明确,其中一句话是说“uses vocabulary resource flexibly to discuss a variety of topics” ,那么这里有一个很重要的词“flexibly”, 也就是“灵活地”,很少有学生会关注它,但是其实在雅思的口语评分标准里,flexibility 是7分及以上一个很重要的得分点。

那么,什么是词汇灵活性呢?曾经听过一个笑话,一个正在学习中文的老外问他一个中国朋友,“为什么你们中国人这么暴力?”“啥意思?”“你们特别能打啊。打水打篮球打卡打针打车…” 这真的是学一门外语最常闹的笑话了。其实不是我们很能打,而是“打”这个字在中文里可以用得很灵活。甚至讲一个女明星的脸很能打,其实是在夸她长得美,能艳压他人。这就叫做词汇的灵活性。那么同样,英语也是有词汇灵活性的。那么如何在雅思口语考试里体现词汇灵活性呢?大家需要做到两点,一个是意思上的灵活,第二是词性上的灵活。下面我们通过讲解一些常见小词来理解flexibility这个概念。

1. life

a)  lead an easy life 过着轻松的生活

I prefer to live in the countryside where I can lead an easy life.

b)  pace of life 生活节奏

Song dynasity is the only era in China which enjoyed a slow pace of life.

c)  start a new life 开始新的生活

I wish I could study overseas in order to start a new life.

d)  be full of life 充满活力

When I first met her, she was bubbly and full of life.

e)  lifelike 逼真的,栩栩如生的

The biggest benefit of a camera is that it can take amazingly lifelike pictures.

2. enjoy

a) 喜欢

I  enjoy reading biographies about celebrities.  

b) 享受

I prefer to stay at home and enjoy me time (享受个人时光)

c) 享有

Yellow Crane Tower enjoys long history.

d) 享受的,开心的

I find it enjoyable to go on a journey /catch a film.

3. catch

a) catch my eye 吸引我

When I first saw her, she caught my eye deeply.

b) catch up with someone 和…叙旧

spring festival is my all-time favorite, since it’s an important opportunity to catch up with my family members, which helps a lot in bringing us closer together.

c) catchy lyrics and tunes 朗朗上口的歌词和曲调

 Most of his songs are pop music with catchy lyrics and tunes.

4. open

a)  open one’s mind 开阔思路

Art helps a lot in opening our minds.

b) open one’s eyes=broaden one’s horizon 开阔视野

The meaning of traveling is that it enables us to open our eyes.

c) open the door to 打开通往…的大门

Reading is a great way to open the door to all aspects of knowledge.

5. hit

a)  a hit album 热门专辑

Over the years, he has released plenty of hit albums.

b)   hit on=hit off 合得来/投缘

We used to hit it off, but now we drift apart.

c)  hit the books 用功读书

I got up really early yesterday, since I had to hit the books.

6. fix

a) fix sth 修理

Several months ago, my car broke down while I was traveling to Suzhou, which took me a while to fix it.

b) fix one’s mind on 专注

It’s a quiet coffee shop where I can fix my mind on reading.

c) fix a problem 解决问题

Governments should pool resources to fix the environment.

d) fixed adj.固定的

I fancy Jay Chou mainly because he doesn’t create music in a fixed way. For example, he’s able to inject Chinese elements into his music.

7. fame

a) rise to fame 成名

Justin Bieber rose to fame at a really young age.

b) Hall of Fame 名人堂

It was one month ago that Li Na joined the International Tennis Hall of Fame, which means that she has taken her place among the all-time greats of the game.  

c) fame and fortune 名声与财富

He was always looking for a shortcut to fame and fortune.

8. mind

a)  like-minded 志同道合的

Social networking apps are great platforms where you can meet lots of like-minded people.

b)   beautiful mind 美丽心灵

She is not only a pretty face, but also a gorgeous lady with beautiful mind. For instance, over the years, she has put all her heart and energy into supporting gender equality, which inspires and motivates me to be a more independent and brave person.

c)  have a good state of mind 好的心态

My dad is a person who has a good state of mind, you know, he always looks at things on the bright side.

d) Make up one’s mind 下定决心

I couldn’t make up my mind, so I turned to my friends for advice.

9. hang

a) hang out 闲逛

Yesterday, I was hanging out with my friends in a shopping mall. All of a sudden, my phone started to ring.

b) hang up the phone 挂断电话

I just hung up the phone, since I found that it was from a person I didn’t know.

c) get the hang of 熟练使用…

I have to spend much time in improving my listening, speaking, reading and writing before I could get the hang of the language.

10. pick

a) pick up sth. 拾起某物

Normally, when I see rubbish on the street, I would pick it up and throw to the trash bin.

b) pick up a skill 学会一项技能

Some people who can pick up languages so easily that we say they have a special gift, a so-called “ear for languages.”

c) pick one’s brains 学习某人的智慧

My grandpa is an old wise owl. I’m able to pick his brains whenever I have a chat with him.

d) a pick-me-up 提神剂

I prefer drinking coffee, for the reason that it’s a good pick-me-up.

11. inspire

a) inspire and motivate someone to do something 激励某人做某事

He is truly a positive figure, since he’s been inspiring and motivating his fans to work together to make the world a better and more beautiful place.

b) inspirational adj.鼓舞人心的

If it hadn’t been his inspirational words, I would never have been able to accomplish my fitness goal.

c) inspiration n.灵感

She often steps out to enjoy the beauty of nature where she gets inspiration of creating music.

12. raise

a) be born and raised in 土生土长

I was born and raised in a city called Xi’an, which is a time-honored place.

b) raise money 筹钱

He’s a really warm-hearted and sympathetic person, since he always gives a helping hand to others and raises money for people in need.

c) raise someone up 抚养

When I was little, my parents were occupied with their work, so I was pretty much raised up by my grandparents.

d) raise awareness 提升意识

Raising awareness on the personal level is the first step in achieving successful change.


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