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Keywords: valuable; strategy; regulations; rules; policy; negative or positive consequences; concern; adopt





• 不属于政府的正当function, 政府不需要保证人们有东西可以娱乐

• 艺术作品会被censor, 艺术作品受到政客的影响,政客会使用作品表达政治倾向对社会不好

• 娱乐产业很赚钱,不需要政府的投资



• 艺术娱乐也是政府职能,比如对国家公园投入加大了人民对政府的满意度;

• 艺术和政治是分开的,有专门的组织专家挑选,而不是从政的人;

• 好莱坞movie可以通过appeal the public to get money,但是some art projects related to children不能get money

TPO41 Regulation for handling and storing coal ash


总观点:能源公司认为不需要针对coal ash实施新的更严格的管理措施。

• 已经存在有效的环保措施

• 顾客因为更严格的管理措施而担心coal ash的危害,会减少coal ash循环制成的产品使用

• 新措施会提高弃置和处理费用,导致电的价格上涨


• 总论点:新的措施是十分必要的

• 现有的措施并不充足,比如目前的规定下liner只需要在公司开发新的土地或池塘时才有用,但是久的池塘或者土地的使用反而会造成更大污染破坏

• 以mercury为例,一直严格的管理措施在管控其handling和storing,但是mercury仍旧在过去的50年间很好的recycling,所以严格的管理措施并不会减少recycling coal ash的使用

• 该价格的上涨是值得的,分析预测采纳这一新规对于能源公司的费用上调大约15billion, 但是平均到每个家庭电力价格上涨的幅度会不到1%。





Urbanization, a common phenomenon in recent years, has been in a hot debate. Critics argue that it requires the government to build roads on the farmlandbelonging to farmers. Owning to the sufficient compensation of government in expropriating their land, many farmers would abandon the fertile farmland to kill the time through all kinds of entertainment activities. As a consequence, the price of commodities has been increasing tremendously. A typical case is that the price of pork is so high that many citizens cannot afford it. There is no denying that the rapid development of cities will provoke some bad results, however, it’s advantages overweigh the disadvantages, hence I have a firm belief that the city’s fast development is beneficial for society.

To begin with, the development of city will provide more job opportunity so as to reduce unemployment rate. In order to build a prosperous and modern city, a large number of workers are required in constructing all kinds of roads, such as the turnpike, the highway, the skyway, houses as well as buildings like the skyscrapers, which will be in need of many blue collar workers. Later, when a city is developing, entrepreneurs will detect the business opportunity there and seize the chance to start a business there. Then a lot of work opportunity for white collar works will ensue, which will in turn stimulate the city to achieve rapid development. Everything will be in a virtuous cycle.

What’s more, from economic perspective, the city’s development will also stimulate domestic demand, so the GDP per capita will also rise. People’s living standard will also be improved. Taking my hometown Wuhan as an example, 20 years ago, it was nothing more than a capital of Hubei Province, well-known for its food. People from other places were reluctant to visit it since it was just a dilapidated small city. Nowadays, things are quite different. Not only has it become the most developed city in midland, but also one of the top ten cities in China. Consequently, more citizens are dying for purchasing a local apartment to live or to invest. Besides, the city has also become a tourism attraction. Both of which, in some way, increase local residents’ income and provide them with a affluent life.

Last but not least, opponents insist that the city’s development is at the expense of devastating the environment, but in my opinion, this view is partial and not persuading. Admittedly, some city governors does neglect the significance of environmental protection, and not give priority to taking care of the environment, but the fact is for the sake of building a harmonious and prosperous society, what we should do first is to accelerate the development of economy of a city. Only by this way, can people earn their daily bread and manage to make both ends meet. Pollution can be abated as soon as the science and technology could reach certain level. Therefore, taking everything into consideration, the city’s rapid development still plays a role in social development.

All in all, as the old saying goes, every coin has two sides. The development of city is bound to trigger some negative effects, such as pollution or the increasing commodity prize, but there are more benefits. Such as the higher employment rate and average per capita income, not to mention the abundant medical resources and educational resources, all of which can indicate the social progress. Thus it is safe to draw a conclusion that the rapid development of city indeed has a positive effect on social development.

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