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本期考题考察的话题属于在托福综合写作考试中考察占比较少一些的生态类话题,主要考察的是植物在某方面的功能,形成对比的观点。    在TPO中涉及到相关植物类话题的并不多,比如TPO 21, TPO 18, 但在近几年考试,植物类的题目并不少。在2017年植物类的考题出现了5次,分别是:(20170325CN), (20170708CN),(20170715CN下午场(20170909CN),(20171112CN)。而在2018年出现了7次,分别是:(20180415CN),(20180512CN),(20180714CN),(20180825CN)(20180902CN),(20181028CN),(20181215CN)。希望从这些综合材料能给考生关于这类话题提供可借鉴的解题思路。

Keywords: knees, oxygen, methane, lodging resistance




1. 一旦植物被感染,就砍掉;

2. 用某种化学物质做陷阱;

3. 杀虫剂。



1. 植物被感染早期没有明显症状,发现的时候已经状况严重。害虫早就扩散得不可收拾;

2. 药效受时间限制,需要经常更换。而且时间久了,害虫会有抗性;

3. 杀虫剂无法根除全部害虫。只要有一点没有消灭,很快就会迅速繁殖。此外,杀虫剂对树木的伤害也不可以忽视。

TPO21 Planting genetically modified trees


总观点:genetically modified trees带来很多好处。

1 比普通树容易成活;

2 带来经济上的收益;

3 阻止野生树木的过渡砍伐。


总论点:genetically modified trees会造成问题和经济损失

1 不能确保genetically modified trees成活,因为相同的gene,遇到环境改变,更容易wipe out;

2 成本更贵,种这种树农民不能收集种子,所以每次种这种树都需要买种子,并且这种子比一般种子贵。

3 会对普通树造成伤害,genetically modified trees有侵略性,跟普通树争夺资源,比如sunlight, soil, nutrients, and water, eventually crowding out the natural trees。


Independent Writing Task

In areas where there are many restaurants, some people prefer to eat at restaurants frequently. Other people prefer to cook at home and rarely go to restaurants.

Which do you prefer?



在分析题目时需要注意的是题目其中一个关键词提到In areas where there are many restaurants, 在这一条件的限制下,考生不要在写作中提到附近没有餐馆,所以不方便,这样容易跑题。请参考如下范文:

Every person has different life style and preference, especially when it comes to food. Some people regard eating meal at restaurants as a luxury enjoyment, in terms of financial situation. Therefore, they tend to eat at home to save the money or stay healthy. I, personally speaking, prefer eating my meals at restaurants. My reasons are given below.

First, food offered in restaurants is always tastier than food cooked at home. Since carefully prepared by professional chefs, it is more delicious and mouthwatering. Who can boldly claim that he or she cooks better dishes than those chefs? Absolutely not. It is the flavor and taste that attract many customers, thus making a profit to the restaurant owners. In addition, a large variety of cuisines from different countries and regions are served at local restaurants. These cuisines offer me a chance to gain a completely new dining experience, by which I have learned much about exotic culture and custom. For example, when I firstly ate pizza at pizza hut, I didn't know how to hold the fork and knife. After listening to the detailed explanation by the kind waitress, I came to know the answers to my questions. At the same time, I was fascinated by this foreign food made by adding other ingredients to bread to make it more flavorful. This experience, therefore, became an impetus for my longing for eating out more often.

Another reason is that eating at restaurants can be very time-saving, given that buying ingredients, such as meat, vegetables or fruit, in the local supermarket or groceries will take at least one or two hours, let alone the travel time. Plus, if I cook by myself, I will use two hours to prepare food and wash dishes after having my not-so-tasty lunch, another two to have super. In this case, four hours are wasted every day. On the contrary, If I choose to have my meal in the restaurant, this will save a large amount of time. To be more specific, I can have four more hours each day to equip myself with new knowledge. That is to say, I can spend these four hours on preparing the final exams or do some related quizzes. Take my classmate as an example to further explain this. When my classmate, Mike, is preparing for an important test. He always cooks dinner himself and continues to do so during this period. So, he has at most 5 hours to study every day. However, I tend to eat at restaurants and hence has 7 hours for the test preparation. As a result, I, eventually, got the higher score in this test.

All in all, as far as I am concerned, considering the advantages for eating at restaurants, having my three meals at restaurants is preferable to cooking at home. For the latter will sacrifice more important and more rewarding things.

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