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题目:Some believe that we should keep a distance from the people we care about, because it is necessary for people to understand the importance of each other. Others think being away from people we care about can damage our relationship with them and we should spend more time with them. Which do you prefer?


No man has all the answers, and no man is an island. In our life, we encounter many different people, some of whom become our beloved families and friends. Considering this, how to maintain a companionable relation with the ones we care about needs careful consideration. We may hear the quote – “distance makes the heart grow fonder”. If you are away from someone, you will get a chance to miss them. On the other hand, the saying-out of sight is out of mind-also applies to many situations. If you are not in constant contact with someone, after a while, things will slowly start to fade. As for me, I am strongly convinced that we should spend more time with ones we care about.


First, staying with people we care about, we blend into each other’s life. 【中心句】One of the prerequisites to maintain a relationship is never lack of things to talk about. How can two people living away about kilometers have tons of words to share? The real situation is that the feeling of strangeness will ensue because they do not share the same life experiences.【设问句,自问自答】 Only by accompanying each other more often can opportunities of getting closer be generated.【倒装句强调】 Taking my personal experience as an example, just like other white-collar workers who are busy with the fast-paced urban life, I usually go back to my hometown and stay with my parents twice a year, about 10 days in total. Because of sudden outbreak of epidemic COVID 19, I cannot go back to Wuhan, telecommuting at my hometown. During the four months with my parents, I have found that my father’s favorite fruit is banana rather than apples, which I mistakenly thought of before. Also, my mom is an enthusiastic fan of costume drama. Being curious, I watched the drama with her, which is not so boring and bleak as I consider it before. With the wisdom of hindsight, I should have left more time to accompany my parents. 【状语从句,回顾过往】


Opponents of staying with families and friends may argue that dreaded space issue cannot be tackled. Most relationships have their big row with respect to their own space.【让步】 This usually happens when we are always together, resulting in disputes or even conflicts in the end.【非谓语】 Imagining that how many times have you argued with your Mom about chores such as not putting your clothes on the sofa? 【设问句引起共鸣】They have ignored the fact, though, that the quarrel is a way, let’s be honest, to know each other better.【转折】 The worst part for a relationship is that people never have something to argue with. Due in large part to this, a long-distance relation jeopardizes our relationship more often. Anyone who has seen “the Big Bang Theory” would be impressed by Sheldon and Leonard, the close roommates. Despite having divergences in many realms including living habit and attitudes towards love, they just get back to their sincere friendship at the end of every episode. 【让步状语从句】Therefore, it is difficult to avoid becoming at odds with our friends or families. 【双重否定表肯定】The essence to maintain a closer bond is to spend more time with ones we care about. 【不定式前后平行】


As is stated above, I honestly believe that spending more time with people we care about helps us understand them more and deepen the relationship.



此题题干较长,我们先仔细读题,对于keep a distance,题目中提出了两种相反的观点,一方说让我们了解彼此的重要性,反方认为这样会破坏关系。为了确认我们的观点,我们可以采取倒三角形的方法倒推。也就是,结合我们的个人经历先梳理细节,再反推出我们的观点。比如可以想想这个春节假期和家人待在一起的经历,又或者去外地上大学而会离开父母一段时间,根据个人不同的感受和想法,可以梳理出自己的思路,进而确定论点。






遇到某人(生活)            encounter sb

挚爱的家人和朋友 (描述人)    beloved families and friends

良好的关系(描述关系)      a companionable relation

距离产生美 (引语)        “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

眼不见心不念(引语)        out of sight is out of min

融入(描述关系)            blend into someone’s life

陪伴某人(描述关系)        accompany sb

忙碌的城市生活(描述日常)  fast-paced urban life

在家远程办公(描述工作)    telecommute

无趣单调(形容词)          boring and bleak

伤害感情(描述关系)        jeopardize relationship

和。。。不合(描述关系)      become at odds with sb

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