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2019.04.14 托福综合写作真题

Integrated Writing Task





1. 用于散热。antlers里面有vessel, 所以有血液循环 ,可以帮助散热。


2. 用于保护自己不受天敌捕杀 (protect themselves against predators)


3. 用于communicate和show dominance, 因为鹿角hard and pointy。





1. 不是用来散热的。因为有的鹿夏末也会长出角,甚至有的冬天也会长,可是冬天不需要散热。而且有的热的地方,鹿角小,在冷的地方,鹿角反而大。


2. 一般都是母鹿(female deer)保护小鹿, 可是母鹿是没有角的。另外有证据表明他们的主要predator是狼 ,可是狼有被鹿kicking的痕迹。


3. 两个鹿一般都是走来走去(walking up and down in parallel lines)直到另一方走开, 反而一般是角大的鹿会走开。并且他们是会用叫几声的方式来表示自己的身份而不是鹿角。


考情分析:这道题属于托福综合写作的高频考察话题,即生物类。一般涉及动物的行为、目的和生存等。这篇即是分析鹿角的三个功能及其功能,还是惯常的听力反驳阅读套路。对于这类的话题还可以在TPO 51,TPO49的综合写作看到踪迹。

Keywords: animals, protect, survive

TPO51 elephant behavior

阅读部分:关于three surprising beliefs about elephant behaviors

• 大象知道自己死亡的来临,所以会 go off alone to certain place called "elephant graveyards" as they become old and sick。

• 大象的艺术能力,可以画出一些可以辨认的图片,比如花。

• 害怕老鼠。


• 当大象变老或弱的时候,their teeth become worn out and the animal has to seek for softer vegetation, 而这些植物通常生长在靠近有水的地方,这也是为什么会发现大象死在相同环境的地方

• 大象的耳朵很sensitive, 人们可以通过stroke the ears to help them to memorize certain patterns of paintbrush strokes,并画出线条。

• 大象只是对不熟悉的动物会害怕,比如动物园的老鼠生活在大象周围,所以这里的大象不害怕老鼠。

TPO49  humpback whales migration

阅读部分 three reasons why they may be navigating by the stars

• 座头鲸是intelligent enough to use stars to navigate by

• 座头鲸migrate and maintain movement in a straight direction for long distances这个本领只有依赖于外在的参照物,比如 stars。

• 座头鲸exhibit an unusual behavior: spy-hopping,这表明他们在看星星。


• 动物的智力与他们导航的能力没有关系,比如the duck, average intelligent bird, can also navigate by star and they are born with this capability.。

• 座头鲸大脑里的bio-magnetite enables them to be sensitive to Earth’s magnetic field. 这样他们就可以直线 migrate。

• spy-hopping and looking at stars 没有直接联系,因为sharks也会spy-hop为了寻找食物而不是migrate。另外,有些座头鲸在没有星星的白天也会spy-hop。


Independent Writing Task


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?


Students do not respect teachers as much as they did in the past.



教育类考题一直是很高频的话题,这次重复了2017年12月10的真题,重点仍然放在老师与学生的之间关系。通常这种关系在考题里会以各种形式出现,比如学生评价老师,老师如何帮助学生学习等。对于这类题目,考生可以通过“参与者对象分析法”来解题。在这种关系中,参与者就是老师和学生,那么学生和老师可以如何获益以及对他们各自的影响都是可以思考的方向。比如在这道题里,学生可以从老师那里学到更多的知识,增强就业技能。 并且,教育可以培养学生更多的品质,包括尊重老师。再加一个让步段,即可完成一篇2+1的独立写作了。此外,对于教育题目,可以采用“引语鱼钩”的开头方式,更能有说服力。请参考如下范文:

The American educational reformer, John Dewey, once remarked, “I believe that education is the fundamental method of social progress and reform.” In this way, teachers are not always to impart the knowledge or form certain habit in the development of children, but have a profound effect on the social advancement. For example, Scholars from ancient times like Socrates and Confucius were not only famous for their theories and works, but they also cultivated many talents to work for the society. Considering the role teachers play in the society, I assert that students today still show respect to their instructor as much as they used to.

To begin with, for the sake of landing an idea job after graduation, the youth now are supposed to acquire more employable skills which can only be obtained from teachers. Given the indisputable fact that there is a fierce competition in the job market or the companies, it is job seekers with professional and systematic knowledge in their majors that are in great need. As a result, the more pressure they face, the more skills they are eager to learn from their teachers. Take my older brother, Mike, as an example. As an undergraduate student in biochemistry, he was often guided by his professors to conduct various experiments and got access to up-to-the-minute relevant information, which helped him to put theoretical knowledge into practical use and catch up with the trend. Thank to this study experience, he succeeded in entering a local pharmaceutical company. It is, therefore, safe to say that students nowadays are still grateful to their teachers’ instruction.

Secondly, well-educated people are more likely to respect their instructors than the illiterate counterparts, because polite manners, like greeting people, waiting in line, and offering help, are normally required and taught in school. Compared with the past, higher education, especially in recent decades, becomes easily accessible to common people no matter what status or gender they are. Statistics shows that more than 70 percent of students get college diplomas in China. In other words, behaving respectfully to teachers is widely accepted by most students even though many of these teachers are not household names or well-known scholars. For instance, it is not uncommon to see that various events are organized to honor teachers and recognize their contribution to education in international teachers’ day every year. People give thanks to their teachers by making phone calls, sending gifts, or holding a party. Accordingly, increasing accessibility of education exerts a significant influence on the attitude toward the teacher status.

Admittedly, advanced technology has degraded the necessity and therefore the value of a teacher in society. To be more specific, the information can be obtained free from the internet or e-book and it is possible for people to study anywhere and anytime. However, to be a well-rounded individual, young people should possess other qualities, like honesty, cooperation, altruism and so on, apart from knowledge. They can have these virtues by attending school.

All in all, as children can gain the marketable skills and receive public education, I firmly believe they still pay respect to their teachers, compared with the past attitude.

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